Using open source doesn’t have to leave you open to attacks

70% of the average application’s code is open source. While open source helps your teams move faster, it also increases your risk. With Invicti software composition analysis (SCA), you can keep using your open-source components without sacrificing security.

Secure your open-source components

Automatically detect all of your open-source components and identify which are vulnerable. Get scan results that include details about the vulnerability, as well as recommendations for patching or replacing the vulnerable component.

Now you can reduce your risk by updating your vulnerable components before they’re exploited.

Scan everywhere.
Get results in one place.

Scan every corner of every application with just one test. With Invicti’s unique blended DAST + IAST and SCA, you’ll get comprehensive test coverage across every web application, API, and open-source component.

The best part? You get all your results in a single report for a complete view of your application security posture — without having to piece together results from different sources.

Reduce your attack surface.
Reduce your time-to-remediate.

Nearly every application has open-source code. That means that manually tracking and testing open-source components across all of your web applications is more than a full-time job.

With Invicti, you’ll have an automatically updated inventory of all the technologies and open-source components used across your web applications. Get an in-depth report that shows all of your applications with out-of-date technologies or vulnerable components.

With automatic notifications, the right team members get alerts so they know what needs to be fixed. That means you can reduce your time-to-remediate and keep your attack surface secure.

Technical Requirements for Adding SCA to your Environment

When your developers don’t know the exact location of a vulnerability, the time they spend searching quickly adds up. Here’s how Invicti helps you find and fix security issues faster:

  • PHP, Node.js, Java, and .NET applications are currently supported.
  • You will need Invicti deployed and configured to match your application environment.
  • The application runtime environment needs to allow for the deployment of a sensor. For CI/CD pipelines, the recommended way is to include the sensor in a redeployable environment, such as a Docker image.

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