Invicti’s Fall 2022 ESG Report: Automated Application Security Testing for Faster Development

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Security teams are intensely focused on protecting their organizations, often leading to friction with developers who need to build and produce applications quickly. How can organizations speed up product releases and shorten innovation cycles while also improving security and working in tandem with development?

To understand how successful organizations do this, we have partnered with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), an independent IT analysis, research, and advisory organization, to develop an in-depth white paper: Automated Application Security Testing for Faster Development.


We will present the highlights from this white paper, including:

  • The challenges of securing cloud-native applications
  • The case for embedding security testing directly into developer workflows for better coverage
  • Ways to turn your security team into enablers instead of blockers
  • The Invicti approach to helping you continuously secure all your applications
  • How automated AppSec testing saves time and money

Join this webinar to learn how organizations like yours “cover their AST with DAST” by enabling both security and development teams and proactively taking control of the security of their web apps.