Filtering in Invicti Enterprise

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Invicti Enterprise On-Demand, Invicti Enterprise On-Premises

Invicti Enterprise's filtering capabilities help you narrow down your searches.

Invicti provides an incredible amount of information as a result of scans, such as issues (from high to information level) and your website's technology stacks (from out-of-date technologies to in-use or not). Additionally, you may have many websites, website groups, and team members.

To find what you are looking for, you can use filtering to:

  • Look at results for a particular period of time.
  • Check whether team members enabled 2FA.
  • Know when an issue first appeared.
  • Learn which scan policy was used for a scan.

To narrow your search, you can use fields, operators, and values. Based on these variables, you can filter the information available on a page. Once you filter, you can select them to take certain actions, such as scheduling scans or deleting them.

Filtering in Invicti

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