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Invicti Enterprise On-Demand

Invicti offers early access to some features.

You can test, provide feedback, and help shape new Invicti features. This means early access to exciting features that our team builds based directly on your feedback and requests.

It’s important to note that these features are work-in-progress. They may change before being fully released, and some may never be released.

This topic provides a list of early access features.

To use Early Access (EA) features, contact Invicti Support.

Early Access features

The following table provides a list of features that are released as part of the Early Access scheme.

Improved Discovery ServiceInvicti Enterprise improves its discovery service. This improvement brings better and more relevant results while reducing noise on the discovered websites page. 

Early release date: 15 December 2022
General availability date: 23 May 2023
Adding Amazon Web Services to discovery serviceInvicti Enterprise can discover your web applications, websites, and assets on AWS. That helps maintain visibility on these AWS instances, and secure these assets. 

Early release date: 15 September 2022
General availability date: 3 March 2023
Improved Jira integrationYou can integrate Invicti Enterprise with Jira to streamline your bug-fixing process and vulnerability management. You can create tickets and assign them to developers automatically. 

Early release date: 18 August 2022
General availability date: 22 September 2022
Business Logic RecorderYou can use the business logic recorder (BLR) feature in Invicti Enterprise to scan web applications without extensive manual work or additional non-automated tools.

Early release date: 19 July 2022
General availability date: 22 August 2022
Azure Key VaultAzure Key Vault is a cloud service to store and access your secrets in a secure way. You can integrate Invicti Enterprise with Azure Key Vault to scan your web applications without providing sensitive credentials.

Early release date: 15 September 2022
General availability date: 22 August 2022

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